spekboom camp eastern cape

Spekboom Camp is a delightful ‘breakaway’ camp from the main Buffalo Kloof hunting lodge, and provides an opportunity for guests to experience the ultimate ‘Out of Africa’-styled getaway in the midst of the bush. Accommodation is provided in individual, comfortable tented bungalows which are all carpeted, with comfortable beds and percale linen. Rustically fenced-off open-air showers provide the required privacy, while still allowing guests to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of nature at the same time.

The entertainment area is also open-air, and guests can sit and socialise around the warmth of an enormous camp fire, under skies of endless blue or studded with thousands of stars so bright they seem within easy reach. Cooking is all done on the open fire, and a very efficient supply of hot water is provided by means of the ’donkey boiler’ (water heated by means of a fire). Environmentalists will be happy to note that the camp is entirely self-sufficient, utilising solar energy for all its power requirements. The camp was also built from recycled materials found on the farm – including quirkily amusing signature touches such as old telephone poles which are used as hooks and hat stands!

Spekboom Camp is aptly named after the prolific indigenous plant ‘Spekboom’ (Portulacaria Afra) which grows abundantly in and around it. This very special succulent (and evergreen) plant is a true environmental miracle worker, with the ability to tackle carbon emissions like no other plant.

A two night stay at this camp leaves every guest feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and honoured to have experienced the African bush ‘up close and personal’ at its authentic best.